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Zebra Shade

Zebra shades are shades that you can easily control the amount of light streaming into a room.

They combine alternating sheer and solid fabric bands on a single shade, for a solution that gives you two options for light.

Zebra shades give you the best of a roller shade and a sheer shade—all in one.

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Roller Shade

Roller shades are window shades made up of a flat piece of material that can be rolled up when you want to gaze out of your window.

When you do need some privacy, roller shades can be conveniently pulled down, and the fabrics, valances and amount of light filtering can be customized to complement your living space.

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Roman Shade

Roman shades are simply fabric window coverings that can be raised or lowered with the help of a cord and/or chain system and ring sewn on the back of the fabric.

When raised, the fabric stacks evenly in horizontal folds.

Roman shades provide a contemporary look and feel, with an extensive range of translucent, light-filtering and block-out fabrics for greater light and privacy control.

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Track Panel

Sliding panels or Track panels are a sleek, modern, and versatile way to outfit your wide windows and/or patio doors.

In addition to providing decorative and functional shades for large-scale windows and patio doors, sliding panels are perfect for room dividers and closet doors.

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PVC Vertical Blind

Vertical Blinds are the standard choice for tall and wide windows and also the patio doors. Each individual blind slat rotates and as a group slides down the track which allows an unlimited number of light and privacy options.

They are available in a variety of textures, materials, and colours which makes them versatile enough to match any decor you may have in your home. On top of everything else, vertical blinds are one of the easiest window coverings to care for.  

Our durable, high-quality wheeled track system offers smooth, reliable sliding and quiet operation.

Privacy Sheers

Privacy Sheers offer an inspired, elegant alternative to traditional curtain and vertical blinds. Featuring a softly curved, vertical design sheer with integrated PVC vanes for a striking interior statement. 

Privacy Sheers come in a wide selection of fabrics and colour palettes.

The easily controlled tilting vanes can be drawn open like curtains, with the use of a cord loop, or rotated like blinds, with a simple twist of the wand – all from a single control.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are made of horizontal slats that have small holes for the cords to run through. The adjustable slats control how much light you want to be let in, and can block out the light completely, making it the perfect privacy and light solution.

Venetian blinds are made from a variety of materials, including wood, faux wood, and aluminum.

These horizontal slat blinds work perfectly in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom.


A window shutter is a solid and stable window covering. Operable louvered shutters have louvers, or slats, that rotate open or closed to control light, visibility and airflow.

Shutters that have operable louvers are described using different terms such as Traditional shutters (1-1/4 inch), California shutters (2-1/2 inch), or Plantation shutters (3-1/2 inch) which typically refer to the size of the louver blade. 

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